Every year the Italian Cultural Foundation gives two $1000 scholarships to students who study the Italian language. One scholarship award is given to a student at Vineland High School and another to a student at Delsea Regional High School.

In 2019, however, due to our AMAZING SUCCESS with our events and fundraising we were able in incredibly grow our scholarship fund and offer SEVERAL scholarships to our local students and add several other schools. We would like to thank our fantastic ICF Members, Sponsors, Event Patrons and Congratulate our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

THIS YEAR IN 2021, we are excited to announce that the 2021 Scholarship Awards Ceremony will be our first public event, post COVID. AND we kicked it up a notch. See below for the details.

Congrats 2021 ICF Scholarship Award Recipients:

Congrats 2021 ICF Scholarship Award Recipients:
Maria Muzzarell – Buena Regional High School
Michael Louis D’Angel – Buena Regional High School
Aiden Santoro – Buena Regional High School
Ronald Barnabei – CCTEC
Nick Volpe – St Augustine Prep
Victoria Maldonado – Vineland High School
Vincent Caimi – Saint Mary School
Emma Vegeto – Schalick High School
Megan Hallenbeck – Millville Senior High School
Colin Green – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Jose DeCarvalho Chanez – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Alexis Spencer – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Luke Vastano – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Elizabeth Lascarez – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Trinity Bagnati – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Jason Wheeler – John F Scarpa Technical Institute
Sam Hand – John F Scarpa Technical Institute

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 Photo Album- ICF Scholarship Award Presentation 2021

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2020 Scholarships

🎓 2020 Scholarship Announcement 🎓

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have awarded $18,000.00 in scholarships to 18 deserving students in the following schools. We congratulate the graduates of the Class of 2020 and our Award Recipients!

Buena Regional High School
Leah Formisano
Danielle Gallo
Victoria De Rossi
Gianna Regalbuto
Sophia Ridolfo
Gabriella D’Ottavio

John F. Scarpa Technical Educational Center
Nickolas Casalinuovo
Caoen Quiles
Nina Capra
Carly Fanucci
Devin Coia
Chisano Mutts

Arthur P. Schalick High School
Leigha Jackson
Sophia Cook

Vineland High School
Amelia Rose Abruscato

Delsea Regional High School
Amber Murphy

St. Augustine Prep
Ethan Infranco

Rider University
Tamant Maceia

St. Mary’s School East Vineland
Nicholas Scaffidi


2019 Scholarships


The recipients this year are:

Eshika Patel  (Delsea Regional HS)

Christina De Rosa (Buena Regional HS)

Gianna Brunini  (Buena Regional HS)

Sean Riggione  (Buena Regional HS)

Bruno Romeo  (Buena Regional HS )

Timothy Merighi   (St. Augustine Prep)

Mason Greene (Delsea Regional HS)

Kevin Hallenbeck  (Millville HS )

Joseph Kolonich  (St. Augustine Prep)

Antonio Talotta  (St. Augustine Prep)

Photo 1
Front row-Eshika Patel  (Delsea Regional HS), Christina De Rosa (Buena Regional HS), Gianna Brunini  (Buena Regional HS), Sean Riggione  (Buena Regional HS)

Back Row- Bruno Romeo  (Buena Regional HS ), Timothy Merighi   (St. Augustine Prep), Mason Greene (Delsea Regional HS), Kevin Hallenbeck  (Millville HS), Joseph Kolonich  (St. Augustine Prep), not pictured Antonio Talotta  (St. Augustine Prep) 

Photo 2
Pictured with Board, Giavanna Lupi (Vineland HS), Shane Louis Vastano (Vineland HS), Marianne Burgess (Vineland HS)

2018 Scholarships

The recipients this year are Gabriel M. Menz of Vineland High School and Olivia Papiano of Delsea Regional High School.

Gabriel M. Menz

Olivia Papiano

2017 Scholarships

The recipients this year are Giuliana Sauro from Delsea Regional High School and Travis Harrell from Vineland High School.

Giuliana Sauro

Travis Harrell

2016 Scholarships

The recipients this year are Nicole Gaetano from Delsea Regional High School and Juliette Ciro from Vineland High School.

Juliette Ciro

Nicole Gaetano

2015 Scholarships

The 2015 recipients were Phil Quinn from Delsea Regional High School and Eric Petit from Vineland High School.

2014 Scholarships

The 2014 recipients were Joshua Sarah Bennett and Joshua Marcacci. Both students are Vineland High School graduates.

2013 Scholarships

The 2013 recipients were Brianna Giancaglini and Darren Tomasso.

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