ICFSJ Patron


Patron Benefits: Notification of cultural events and activities via phone message or email notice, participation at General Assemblies and advisory role to ICF, participation on Committees, FREE Italian language classes (not currently being offered) and discounts on certain events.

Annual Patron Fee: $50.00

At this time we are not charging for our Annual Patron Fee. We are accepting, however, donations to be used towards our Scholarship fund and St. Joseph fund on an on-going basis to be able to continue our mission to provide local students with monetary scholarships and food a supply donations to our community.

The Italian Cultural Foundation of South Jersey (ICF) was founded in 2008 by the Sicilian American Club of South Jersey. ICF is an independent educational, not-for-profit organization under Section 501 ( c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its mission is to provide education about the culture of Italy and the role of Italian-Americans in the development of the United States. ICF is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Italian culture ‒ its attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions, music, food, language, art and achievements. ICF conducts educational presentations, Italian language classes and cultural events. Its activities and programs are open to all people regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

I.C.F. Events and Activities

  • Lectures on Italian history, music, and art
  • Italian language classes (no longer offered)
  • Italian Heritage Art Show for South Jersey High school art students
  • Italian film series
  • Cooking classes
  • Italian pop music night
  • Bocce Tournament
  • Donations to charities and scholarships to South Jersey graduating students who complete at least three years of Italian and have excellent grades
  • Annual Gala Ball and presentation of theSpirit of Achievement Award to outstanding Italian-Americans

Patron Benefits

  • Notification of cultural events and activities via a phone message or email notices
  • Participation at General Assemblies and advisory role to ICF
  • Participation on Committees
  • Free Italian language classes (no longer offered)
  • Children’s Christmas Party
  • Discounts on certain events
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