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By January 26, 2021Uncategorized

ICF Announcements- January 26, 2021
We hope you are comfortably settling into this new year.
As we look forward to planning for the months ahead, the ICF Board has been working towards new and innovative ways to keep our organization productive and philanthropic in our community.
While looking back on 2020, we feel blessed we were able, even during a pandemic, to provide monetary donations, food, and clothing, to several organizations in need of our help, including:
Luther Acres
Center For Family Services (SERV)
The Debra Sager Memorial Fund
Port Norris Mission
Spirit and Truth Ministries
Women’s Shelter (SERV)
The PeriNatal Co-Op
Pope Francis Food Pantry
These donations were made possible because of you, your thoughtful contributions and by participating in our events and fundraising. In addition, we were able to provide 18 graduating students with scholarships. We hope to continue this trend in 2021 and with your help, we know we will be successful.
Because we are still experiencing the effects of the pandemic, we felt it would be better to eliminate the annual Patron Fee invoice this year.
As an integral part of our ICF proud community, please feel free to make a pride donation in any amount as a part of our 2021 fundraising bank.
Thank you.