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Homemade Wine Tasting Contest

By February 9, 2020Uncategorized
March 5th at 7pm
ICF Building
Homemade Wine Tasting Contest
Call Joe for details 609-364-2803
Wine Tasting Contest 2020 Rules and Guidelines

The contest is open to everyone, ICF members and non-members.

Limited to the first ten participants.

Wine must be homemade.

Eight to ten red wines and eight to ten whites. Ten is the cut off for each.

Each participant must bring at least half a gallon of wine or more (enough for all the people who attend the judges).

No one knows whose wine is being served, a number is assigned to the wine and the maker  and is kept secret.

Each participant is given a score card placing a check next to their individual preference. At the end the cards are collected and tallied and winners receive a plaque.

First, second and third place plaque will be awarded for TOP RED and TOP WHITE wines.


Register by calling Call Joe for details 609-364-2803- Limited to 20 participants